Betonmix Kft. Budapest, Budaörsi street 46. 2nd Floor, H-1118. Hungary Phone: +36 30 377 86 29 | +36 30 900 35 52 E-mail: | |

Company datas

Company name: Betonmix Civil Engineering and Trading Ltd.

Estabilished in 1998

Head Office: Budapest, Budaörsi street 46. 2nd Floor, H-1118. Hungary

EU-Tax Number: HU11789035

Registration Number: 01-09-288274

You can find industrial floors or concrete surfaces in industrial or logistics investments, refurbishments, etc. The suitable, sustainable and reliable quality of the surface is strategically important for the building’s owner or facility manager due to the direct impact of the operation and productivity.

Our area of expertise:
  • design of industrial floors, slabs and concrete surfaces
  • develop optimal economic and technical solutions
  • full range support during the design and execution
  • full range trading of related materials
  • HUMIX® steel fibre for concrete reinforcement
  • POLIMIX® polypropylen fibre for concrete reinforcement
  • TOPMIX® top hardener
  • FF20 curing
  • PVC joint profile
  • MERCEDES Manufacturing Plant, Kecskemét
  • LIDL
  • Logistic Halls
  • Manufacturing Halls
We have wide range of contacts with local partners, architects and statical design offices, investor companies, general contractors and industrial contractors. Our operation (since 2001) covers the whole country and the neigbouring countries as well like Slovakia, Romania, etc.